Nonante is a company that has based all of dealings, from its very first day, on sustainable development . It was possible in part because we have followed a course on sustainable development management and on understanding the stakes (course given by Patrick Gabriel, of the Institut Administration des Entreprises de l’Université de Brest, who also has a Masters degree from Unversité Laval).

But, you might ask, what is sustainable development?

It is a vague notion for many people. Understandably so (The concept would, one might say, need some clarifying)

As we are a communication agency, let’s get started.

From one country to another, no one seems to agree on a clear, definite term for it. One day you’re told about socially responsible companies, the next, about sustainable development, or about the environment, about ecology…

Know that, in order for us to truly talk of sustainable development, we had to integrate, in our agency system, three elements that, as three axels, work in different areas, but also work as a whole laterally.

In short, it is the combination

Of one or many economical actions (the creation of riches for all, through sustainable ways of production and purchase).

Of social philosophy (equity, respect and social cohesion).

Of ecological and environmental accountability.

Keep in mind that (and it is a little known fact) sustainable development isn’t the brainchild of a few reactionary anarchists.

This type of development is taken very seriously, not only by the Canadian government, but also by some major institutions or companies such as: the United Nations, OCDE, GRI (Global Reporting Initiative), Danone, Petro Canada, Axa Insurance , Cimenteries Lafarge, to name but a few ( * source: Brest university). Some companies have integrated this on the highest levels of management, up to their CEO.