Business relations too often meddle in relationships, why is that?
Since we have launched our agency, we are happy to see we are not alone with this line of thought. There are more of us than one might think, who believe it is horrible (and refuse to accept) that, in the name of profit, just about anything seems to be accepted and allowed.

Making a decent living? What’s decent about it, if all that’s discussed is money?
Nonante doesn’t abide by the law of silence. We refuse to allow for taboos and things that are “hush-hush”. We all wish to prosper, to last, and also to live comfortably, of course but so long as it is done as a team. Not at the expense of others, not by pulling the rug from under anyone’s feet, not in a way that’ll hurt. Our entire system is based on this vision.

In order to offer approaches, reflection and work that is of irreproachable quality (all of our efforts are aimed at this) we have made sure that we are well surrounded, both internally and externally. All these people that support us, share our vision of things.

We believe we truly are on the right path. Need proof?
Nonante has been rewarded with three prizes both nationally and internationally.
The first, in the very demanding Communication Arts, Arts Communication and Design annual 2005 ( California, U.S.).
The other two, in the no less competitive Applied Arts, in the communication and global corporate identity categories[see].