To all those who share our vision, who have helped us spread the word, and still do, thank you.
Thanks to Guillaume Catusse, without whom this web site would still be just an idea.
Thanks to the Walloon Office of the Belgium Trade Commission and to the Consulate General of Belgium.
Thanks to the Fraser Milner Casgrain business law firm.
Thanks to the administrative board of the Cercle Esteler, a business association Walloon-Quebec, which Nonante is a part of, whose communications we take care of and whose work groups, under the guidance of its new president, Michel Nadeau, we will host.
The jury for the Concours du Commerce en Entrepreneuriat nationaux et internationaux for allowing us to take part in it.
And to the multiple contacts we have had regarding our equitable and responsible approach, with whom we have exchanged views, ideas and thoughts:
Mc Gill, UQAM et HEC, Université du nouveau Monde, l’Association Belgique Canada, AQWBJ, Université de Brest…
To Patrick Gabriel, teacher at the Institut Administration des Entreprises de l’Université de Brest, also holder of a master’s degree from Université Laval, for his training on sustainable development management and on understanding the stakes, thanks for his help and support.

Thanks to those partners we can count on for their support and professionalism:
Print: LG Chabot
Film: Flik Studio (production, postproduction, image and sound), Lovo Films ( Brussels)
Audio: Sonart
Interactive production: Exica
Media: Carat Montreal, Carat Brussels, Carat Paris