Nonante wouldn’t exist without people.
People who carry with them the experience brought on by their life journey, with the victories and the occasional defeat it may include. Ups and downs. That’s life and that’s what we build on. It is with these people that everything is built. The concept, in fact, exists because behind it stand 17 years of work in advertising and in communications, all over Europe and North America. Because there is a true understanding of a world where brains have been racked and sometimes squeezed dry (it happened before, sometimes still happens today) solving communication puzzles globally for such brands as:

Volkswagen, Audi, Porsche, Ferrari, Mitsubishi, Alfa Romeo Europe, Seat, Volvo, Renault, Roover, L'Express, La Dernière Heure, Daikin Europe, Coleman Europe, Linux Europe, IBM, Microsoft, Côte d'Or, Adaptec Europe, Schweppes, Uniroyal, Health Canada, Banque Bruxelles Lambert, Dexia, Sabena,Tourisme Canada, Sico, Levis (Akzo Nobel), Bauer, Loterie Nationale, Master Food, Reebok, Danone Canada, Biscuits Leclerc, Rona, Yellow, TVA, Postes Canada, Castorama France, Michelin, Naya, Effigi, Gaz Metropolitain, Molson, Sico, Lancôme, Bell Mobility, Master food, L'Oréal Canada, Ford Canada, le Festival de Jazz, Spectra et les Francopholies, TVA, Videotron, HEC, Hotel Godin, Hotel St James, Consulate General of Belgium and Awex, Libellule Images, Ubisoft …

Nonante bring together the vast experience of Quebecers, Canadians and Europeans, an experienced acquired in canadian and/or european agencies (Bates, DDB, USWEB/CKS, Scholz & Friends, Y&R, Publicis Europe and Canada, BCP, Cossette...)
We surround ourselves with people who are most capable of finding the best solution for any issue we face. By proxy, they then solve your issues.
Not always how or where one might think.