Maybe one or maybe all of the above.
Doesn’t matter, really. We simply wish to work in a field we love with a passion, according to a vision that truly suit us, that is, making sure to value human relations above the proverbial “profit at all costs”. We go back to what never should have been forgotten.
We go back to the very essence of what it means to provide good work for an honest price: that any work is done by a person for another person. Whichever service is rendered or product is sold. Honest work for an honest price.
Because, behind any work done, there is a person.
This work philosophy, which we could discuss for hours on end, is the result of a year of analysis and of reflection on the very job of advertiser. It gave birth to an entirely new and very different agency model, which revolves around a single point, the value of people (from employee relations, to our clients and all our partners). And that, without sacrificing quality. Without forgetting the purpose of what we do.
Always keeping in mind that above all we are men and women communicating to other men and women. For us, the worst possible situation would be to be bound by shackles that would let us forget it.