Ethics. Big word isn’t? Used and abused, already worn out, one might say.
Well, for us, it has become a building block.
We look for new ways to communicate, to reach a level where advertising or commercial communication will no longer be seen as pollution.
Did you know that surveys say that advertisers are at the bottom of the credibility scale? Right above politicians? That means we have our work cut out for us. But why is that? What happened? As Bernbach said, how can you establish trust, if there is no credibility or truth to communication? Is that still communication or does it become propaganda?
That’s including in how we tackle the whole thought process. Including in our relationships. Including in what we want to say. Including in our way of doing business…
That’s our two cents about communication.

As far as work is concerned, ethics are also essential.
Here, at Nonante, we see no reason to pay ourselves for work we haven’t actually done.
Equity (in its true sense, that is freedom from bias or favoritism, fairness and equal treatment of all) has become an important financial component because, as behavioural specialists, we know its influence in business, which affects finances and by extension the profitability and viability of a business.
Need an example? A trusting client will not waste his or anyone else’s time on idle discussions about unclear estimates or mysterious charges. We lose no time and thus go forward. A common goal is hence defined, the success of communication.
And so, that is how in business relations, we see the relationship before we see business.
This is not a marketing stunt, it is our creed. Nonante loves communications. Which begs the question, in order to be a communicator, shouldn’t one first be a humanitarian?