Everything is communication. These days, everything mixes and interacts.
The only rule is that there are no rules, or rather that the rules are gone.
Maybe the only exception being that we should never stop imagining, searching for new things.
That is what we want, that is what we do. That is what we’ve always done.
Just like for Libellule Image. Or Ubisoft.
We strive to look for and find unusual approaches.
To get to a point where advertising becomes relational. A point where it’s no longer seen as a pollutant.
It is possible, just like being equitable. Just like rowing across the Atlantic Ocean and across the Pacific Ocean, like Mathias Rust landing a Cessna on Moscow’s Red Square in the middle of the Cold War, like sending a man to the Moon, like… anything really. You only need to believe. Therein lies our strength. That’s what we believe in. And believe us when we say that can move mountains.