No man is an island. Everybody knows that we are all connected.
This is a space dedicated to freedom of speech, of expression and of thought. Freedom to take pictures, to feel, to relate. It belongs to the mad scientists of advertising, of communication or, for that matter, of any other field…
Communication needs this sort of space. You can, if you want, send us an email, thoughts, writings, pictures…
About equity, about sustainable development, about creation, culture, intercultural exchanges. In short, about being open minded.
A little window to the world, through the little screen that is the web, it is also a door on relationships.
Here’s a preview, a few examples of what makes us tick, what gets us going.

We welcome you here, whether you are here in Quebec, Toronto, Brussels, Paris, Tokyo, Beijing or Zagora… We are activists of article 19 of the international bill of human rights.